We are honored to be recognized and collaborating with the inspiring Island Hospital team.

Our Mental Health Programs have been particularly ground-breaking, receiving:

Intalere Healthcare Achievement Award for the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health program at Island Hospital was one of four selected nationally for Community Impact and/or Innovation.

Jackson Healthcare Award for the Foundation’s philanthropically-funded mental health work was one of ten programs nationwide to be recognized for innovative community healthcare. The award was given in recognition of specifically addressing Washington’s barriers to mental health access in addition to being the first public hospital-sponsored clinic of its kind in the state.

Washington State Hospital Association’s Community Health Leadership Award in 2014 for its innovative approach to delivering mental health services to students in a rural setting.

In 2016

-Island Hospital was No. 1 in the state for lowest readmission rates in 2015

– One of only 10 Washington State hospitals ranked a 4-Star Hospital by Medicare, based on patients’ survey responses.

– According to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligener (PI), Island Hospital ranked 5th in WA for earning high scores for quality from Medicare patients who received care in 2015. In the survey, 78% of Island’s patients scored their care a 9 or 10.

– Both Jackson & Intalere Healthcare Awards mentioned above.


In 2015

– Island Hospital Home Health has for the 3rd time been honored with the HomeCare Elite designation bestowed on the top 25% of home-health agencies in the U.S.

– Island Hospital was recognized by iVantage Health Analytics and the National Organization of the State Offices of Rural Health for overall excellence in Patient Perspectives.

– Island Hospital Chief Executive Officer Vince Oliver is the 2015 winner of the American Hospital Association’s Shirley Ann Munroe Leadership Award.

Consumer Reports magazine ranks Island Hospital among the top ten of all Washington hospitals according to a survey that measured adverse effects suffered by surgical patients during hospital stays.

– Island Hospital ranked 3rd in WA for earning high scores for quality from Medicare patients who received care in 2013, according to an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

– iVantage Health Analytics has named Island Hospital one of the nation’s HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals.