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Six Words That Led to Better Health

Anne Heidecker had no idea she had diabetes. She was visiting a friend in the hospital. As she chatted with the doctor, it became clear that Anne needed to be tested for diabetes. When her results returned, Anne, an Anacortes resident, discovered that she would join the 10% of Americans with diabetes. Adopted during her […]

Transforming the Community by Inspiring Better Health

By Janie Crane and Laura Moroney. The importance of community health is undeniable. Community health is intricately tied to individual wellness. In other words, the health of a community is only as good as the health of its individual members. “Community health impacts everything – educational achievement, safety and crime, people’s ability to work and […]

Transformational Giving for Tele-ICU

For critically ill patients and their families, there is perhaps no greater expectation for medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology than in an ICU environment.  Our Island Hospital ICU is able to continue meeting that high level of care by launching a new tele-ICU program, available to our patients in Spring 2021.  This means that when […]

The Importance of Healthcare Close to Home: Michelle’s Story

Having personable and competent doctors close to home was not something Anacortes resident, Michelle Hackstadt, often thought about. She and her family were healthy and active which is why emergency surgery was not in her plans. As a teacher at Anacortes High School and a mother of three girls, Michelle’s life was already full. But […]

A Life-Changing Injury Led to a Lifetime of Service

A fresh layer of snow meant Christmas was almost here. John Sargent bundled up and set out to work building a home on Georgia Place in Anacortes. It was 1986. The neighbor’s dog, Dingo, kept John company as he drove the tractor around the property. John paused to check the tractor’s bucket. The next thing […]

Diabetes: Cause for Celebration?

Celebration is rarely synonymous with diabetes. But, your generosity has given those diagnosed with diabetes in your community reasons to celebrate. Did you know that 10% of the US population has diabetes and nearly 35% of the adult population are pre-diabetic? So when Mary Beth Robinson, MS, RD/LD, CDE, was hired in 2017, she set […]

The In-Between: You Empower Cancer Patients between Diagnosis and Treatment

The ‘in between’ time, that time between being diagnosed with cancer and the start of treatment, can be agonizing. Waiting for treatment to begin can induce many unknowns, worries and concerns. Often cancer patients who receive chemotherapy or radiation experience extensive physical limitations during and after treatment, but the severity of these side effects can […]

Hope in Many Forms for Cancer Patients

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes for those battling cancer. For some, hope is found in something as small as a kind note. For others, hope lies in hearing the word, ‘remission.’ You have given hope in many forms to local cancer patients through Oncology Medical Relief grants which help offset costs associated with […]

Golf Sponsors Support COVID-19 Testing in Mulligan Match

The coronavirus pandemic may have caused us to cancel the 19th Annual Island Hospital Golf Classic, but it did not cancel our sponsor’s philanthropic spirit. Just as a Mulligan enables golfers to redo the previous shot so that they can improve their score on the golf course, our incredible Golf Classic Sponsors have joined together […]

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