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COVID-19 Emergency Fund Created

As COVID-19 increases in our region, so increases the individuals who are looking to Island Hospital for medical care. The recommended precautions in response to COVID-19 and the anticipated increased patient load will stretch Island Hospital staff and resources thin. That is why we have created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. This fund will help sustain quality healthcare […]

Making the Impossible Possible

“I didn’t believe it was possible to live without pain.” In an instant Sherle Webb-Robins’ life changed. Webb-Robins, now an Anacortes resident, has a computer science degree and was a general manager for a software company when she was involved in a severe car accident ten years ago. In the aftermath of the accident, Webb-Robins […]

Someone to Talk to

The landscape of adolescence is ever changing. Yes, many adolescents are thriving as they grow into adulthood, but some youth today are struggling under the weight of influences and pressures that negatively affect their well-being. Your financial support of the Mental Health Intervention Program increases access and removes barriers to effective mental-health services for students […]

You Inspire Better Health

Community health is intricately tied to individual wellness. Public health experts agree that the health of a community has far-reaching impacts. “Community health impacts everything – educational achievement, safety and crime, people’s ability to work and be financially healthy, life expectancy, happiness and more,” says Thomas Bognanno, President and CEO of Community Health Charities. That […]

Keeping Island Hospital on the Leading Edge

Updating equipment is vital to staying on the leading edge of the medical field. You made it possible to purchase several pieces of new technology and critical equipment upgrades last year, some which are featured here:   New Ultrasound Machine: This new machine for the Emergency Department provides high resolution images. These images are used […]

A Guiding Light in a Dark Night’s Storm: Supporting Cancer Patients

Boyd Barnes knows what quality care should look like. After all, he was a nurse for 39 years, culminating with 10 years as an Emergency Department nurse at the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island. His nursing career taught him that quality healthcare should incorporate kindness and competence. Because of this conviction, Barnes chose to […]

From Diagnosis to Recovery: Carrie’s Story

“Cancer is like a long walk into uncertainty,” Carrie King, an Island Hospital patient, recently told us. Carrie knows this journey all too well. She had two aunts and a cousin pass away from cancer. Knowing cancer runs in her family, Carrie would schedule a routine mammogram every year for her birthday. Then the unthinkable […]

Climbing Mountains to Care for Patients

The Pastoral Care Services program and its volunteer Chaplains help Island Hospital fulfill its promise to “place your emotional and medical needs first and foremost.” When the program’s future was in jeopardy due to budgetary constraints, you rallied! Your contributions to the Island Hospital Foundation have kept the program going since 2018. Anacortes community members, […]

Investing in the Future: John Carabba Scholarship

We are proud to award the 2019 John Carabba Scholarship to Anacortes High School Seniors Sadie Leavitt and Brenna Palmer Perry. Sadie Leavitt is attending University of Hawaii to study dentistry and business. Brenna Palmer Perry will attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo to study physical therapy. We are happy to invest in the future of these two students!

Puppy Love Benefits Patients & Staff

The Island Hospital Therapy Dog Program has been bringing PAWSitivity and PUPtacular support to patients and staff and the Anacortes School District since 2015. Why? Studies have shown there are BONE-fide health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities and education, including lowering one’s blood pressure. We’ll BARK to that! Currently, five registered Therapy Dog […]

Heart Attack on Commercial: How YOU Helped Bob

When Bob and Sue Turpen set out to run errands, going to Island Hospital was not on their list of stops. While driving down Commercial Avenue, between Walgreens and Safeway, the car veered into on-coming traffic. That’s when Sue noticed Bob wasn’t breathing. She quickly pulled the emergency brake to stop the car. Without her […]

Gala of Hope: Emergency Department Goes Above and Beyond

“We didn’t anticipate the heart failure,” shares Anacortes resident, Josh Maltsberger, as he remembers the summer night his baby’s life was in jeopardy. “No one in the ER appeared overwhelmed by the situation.” At just two weeks old, Baby Joanna began to show signs of distressed breathing. As her lips turned from rosy-pink to blue, […]

IHF Receives GuideStar Seal of Transparency for 2018

Island Hospital Foundation was recently recognized for our transparency with a 2019 Gold Seal on our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile! GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. More than 8 million visitors per year and a network of 200+ partners use GuideStar data to grow support for nonprofits. In order to get the […]

The Color of Miracles: Emergency Department Services

“I wanted to fight,” recalls Island Hospital patient, Paula Paulus, as she retells what she remembers of the day a stroke caused her to collapse in her home, alone. Paula was on the phone with Reta, a friend who lives in Canada, when she collapsed in her kitchen in October of 2018. “I don’t remember […]

Health Screenings – Was it a Pulled Muscle or Something More Serious

Local community member, Tracy, is not your typical case – but who really is? She had normal cholesterol; low blood pressure; avoided taking medications; and is a vegetarian – so it was quite a surprise when she thought she pulled a muscle and it turned out she was actually having a heart attack!   Heart […]

Mental Health – Support for Students in Anacortes

Today’s youth see more of what life has to offer – both good and bad – on television, at school, in magazines, and on the internet which makes providing programs like Mental Health Intervention for youth in Anacortes schools even more important now than ever before.  Mental health is an essential part of a child’s […]

Double Your Impact Today for Our Community Tomorrow

You can help make a difference right now for those in pain. By participating in our Holiday Matching Program, you can double your impact through a $50,000 matching grant from the Island Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. Your participation will ensure quality care is accessible right here in Anacortes. “With my neck issues, I felt […]

Young Entrepreneurs Raise Funds for Cancer Care

Mt. Erie Elementary students, Lily Dumas, Natalie Ertel and Lauren Digweed, wanted to contribute to a cause over the summer. To do this, they opened a lemonade stand on 32nd Street, but not just any lemonade stand. Their lemonade was organic, included home-baked goods, and raised funds to benefit the Merle Cancer Care Center. Over […]

Cardiopulmonary Rehab: How YOU Helped Pam

One thing leads to another, but who would have thought a toothache would lead to a heart attack? This is Island Hospital volunteer Pam Birchfield’s story. After complaining of a toothache, Pam’s grandson escorted her to her physician who then referred them to the Emergency Room where doctors discovered Pam was having a heart attack. […]

With Gratitude – Thanks to our Community Grantors

We are so grateful for our many community partners that are committed to enhancing excellent health care at Island Hospital. Some of our recent grants include: Anacortes Noon Kiwanis Club awarded $9,000 for two requests, including $5,000 for Maternity and Infant Care Support and $4,000 for the Teen Clinic. Anacortes Police Department awarded a $2,500 […]

Thank you for providing car seats for families in need!

Last year 45% of births at the Thomas Brooks Birth Center were to Medicaid moms. A single mom, or even a struggling household may be having difficulty with all of the expenses of caring for a newborn. Sometimes they are not equipped to bring their babies home, but with your help, IHF is able to […]

IHF Receives GuideStar Seal of Transparency for 2017

Island Hospital Foundation was recently recognized for our transparency with a Gold Seal on our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile! GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. More than 8 million visitors per year and a network of 200+ partners use GuideStar data to grow support for nonprofits. In order to get the […]

Authentic Compassion

For more than ten years, Mary Lou Gould has been fighting multiple cancer battles, one after another. Throughout her journey, she has been a positive force within herself and within our community by becoming a peer counselor. “This is my hospital. I use the word love when I talk about Island because the people here […]

Sometimes Life Happens

Early Sunday morning, Joanne stepped out for a walk while her partner Pete made breakfast. She let her mind wander while she walked thinking of things she needed from the store, the goods she needed to bake for the Farmer’s Market, and how delicious breakfast would be… then she fell. There was a snap – […]

You Support Not Only Changes Lives – It Saves Them!

   “I fell off a 20-foot cliff!” shares Greg Kleven. “It was surreal,” his wife Marlene added, “I was at the top yelling down, ‘Can you move your legs?’” Being airlifted with worries of broken bones and internal bleeding was not the 38th anniversary imagined by this local Anacortes couple. Your support of Island Hospital […]

2017 John Carabba Scholarship Recipients

Island Hospital Foundation is proud to award the John Carabba Scholarship to Anacortes High School seniors; Caitlin Ware & Rachael Stout. Both outstanding young women will be pursuing a career in nursing. We are happy to invest in the future of these two community members!

Thank you for providing a brighter future! – by supporting Mental Health Therapy in our Schools

Just recently shouts from graduation cheers could be heard! For some, the path was smooth arriving to this day. For others, rough and sometimes near impossible. Can you imagine being 13 years old and not having anyone to talk to about problems at home, burdened by a parent struggling with anxiety and debt, who doesn’t […]

With Gratitude

Here at the Island Hospital Foundation (IHF) we know how fortunate we are to have such an extraordinary group of volunteers who work tirelessly to champion our mission to support Island Hospital and its commitment to community health. To show our appreciation, we are going shine some light on some of their great deeds! Our […]

Have you visited the Island Hospital Resource Center?

Have you visited the Island Hospital Resource Center? The Health Resource Center at Island Hospital is a welcoming space where patients and visitors can come to get connected to the resources they need. Your support, through the Island Hospital Foundation, makes it possible for us to provide customized resources to help individuals and families make […]